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Invitation to Sponsor

We are writing to you concerning a sponsorship opportunity with the 17th ACM SIGGRAPH VRCAI 2019 Conference, to be held in Brisbane, Australia, from 14th to 16th November, 2019. VRCAI 2019 is the 17th Annual International Conference on Virtual Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry and supported by the SIGGRAPH and has been held annually in and around Asia since 2002, drawing experts, researchers and developers from both the industry and academia.
The objective of VRCAI is to foster greater exchange between researchers and practitioners in the Virtual Reality Continuum, by providing a forum from which agencies in both the industry and academia may discuss ideas, share experiences, and collaborate. Past VRCAI conferences have created great values for companies presenting their state-of-the-art developments and product demos. The event attracts participants from around the world, from world-leading academics to representatives from the industry. We invite you to consider becoming a sponsor of VRCAI 2019 if you’d like to:
Extend your contacts in the rapidly growing field of VR, AR, XR and other related domains;

  • Increase your visibility to conference attendees representing industries, academia, and labs in the areas of the application of computer graphics, visualisation, VR, AR, XR and etc;
  • Showcase products, demos and your state-of-the-art development to an international audience
  • Have access to our VRCAI’s networks for collaboration
  • Give your company access to recruiting opportunities

VRCAI 2019 is the right place for your company!
More than 80 percent of conference attendees are decision makers. Sponsoring VRCAI 2019 can give you the valuable opportunity to reach these key targets! The following sponsorship packages serve as a guide for the standard sponsorship levels: friend of the conference, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The packages outlined below are a guide, open to negotiation and ideas.

Why Sponsor?

We are flexible!
If you have creative ideas of sponsoring, which you think could provide you with the freedom and flexibility of supporting students, do contact us!There is great value to sponsor the conference. Your kind sponsorship will be used to support students from minority groups, under-privileged, under-represented and marginalised communities to join VRCAI and gain new experiences and networking opportunities. Your sponsorship will also greatly help VRCAI’s active engagement support for diversity and inclusion (See our Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship).
Your sponsorship will be used to the full for the following purposes:

  • Studentships for supporting diversity and inclusion
  • Exclusive networking dinner for sponsors and committee members
  • Awards to be given away to the best paper, poster and demo
  • Additional sponsorships will be used for free registrations for students
  • Small gifts for attendees to share with attendees

ACM SIGGRAPH VRCAI is actively promoting diversity and inclusion. With your kind support and sponsorship with the Platinum and Gold Tiered package, we will feature your logo prominently at our web page dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship.

Sponsorship registration date by to be paid by 1 October 2019

Tiered Sponsorship Packages

Please contact us if you wish to accept to become an official sponsor of VRCAI 2019, need more information, or have creative ways to tell us to help support the conference. If you have creative ideas of sponsoring, which you think could provide you with the freedom and flexibility of supporting students, do contact us on sponsorship2019@vrcai.acm.org

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