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Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

ACM Siggraph VRCAI is introducing a new student scholarship programme for funding travels and expenses to attend VRCAI conferences. The programme selects a group of students from underrepresented groups working in VR, AR, extended reality and computer graphics as a means to empower them to create and connect with the academia and industry. Selected students will receive up to US$500 stipend for their trip to VRCAI 2019. 

ACM Siggraph VRCAI funds junior students, broadly in VR, AR, extended reality and computer graphics, and associated research areas such as GPU-acceleration, parallel and distributed processing and machine learning. We invite students who are early in their PhDs programme, strong master and undergraduate students genuinely interested in a research career. Our scholarships cover expenses such as registration fee waiver, partial support for travel and accommodation. Students will also have the opportunity to meet program committee members and sponsors in VRCAI’s network dinner.

Recipients of scholarships will be presenting a research poster describing novelty and innovation in any areas related to VR, AR, extended reality and computer graphics. Presence and presentation at the conference presents a great opportunity for exposure and visibility to academic institutions, industry experts, investors, and etc. Valuable feedback and encouragement from conference attendees will propel your career in the field.

Please consider this opportunity, and see the posters section in our Call for Participation.
Whilst our Diversity and Inclusion scholarship applications have a deadline, poster deadlines do not apply for diversity students, posters coming from the diversity scholarship can be submitted even after the official poster deadline. Application requires the information below.
Please provide the sectional information below as a PDF submission:

Identity and Benefits
Please answer the following three questions in a ~500 word essay. These are open ended questions but please be as specific as possible:

  • In what way do you associate with an underrepresented group?
  • What academic and/or professional benefits do you hope to receive from this scholarship?
  • What do you hope to or believe you can contribute to the VR, AR, extended reality and computer graphics community?

Technical Experience
Please provide a brief ~500 word write up describing your work in VR, AR, extended reality and computer graphics. You may give a synopsis of each of your projects, either technical or research projects, or even new ideas. Please mention and submit copies of any publications, patents, tech reports, etc. so that your work may be evaluated.

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Please simply provide an up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Please send all the following to chairs2019@vrcai.acm.org
  • Full Name.
  • Contact email address.
  • Address traveling from, to VRCAI 2019.
  • University or institution enrolled.
  • Program enrolled in (Ph.D, Masters,and Undergraduate)
  • All application materials, i.e., both essays, curriculum vitae, and PDF copies of any publications not specifiable via links.

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Deadline: 21 October 2019

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We would love to receive any feedback as well as answer your questions!